Glossary Part T

javāb ţalab ~ requiring an answer; called to account. Read lower line first. javāb ~ answer.

javāb ţalab zarūrī ~ requiring an answer urgently. zarūrī ~ urgent.

Attock bazaar.

az ţaraf ~ from, on behalf of, in favor of.

tīs ~ thirty (Urdū). Persian 30 is .

do tolah ~ two tola. A dal-vav ligature is used here. A tola is a measure of mass for such as gold, silver, letters, etc. 1 British tola = 180 troy grains. A silver rupee coin in British India served as a practical measure for it, about 0.41 oz.

3 tolah. The weight of a letter that day (~ 1¼oz).

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