Glossary Part P

Panḍit. Title of respect to Hindus. Scholar.

Pānipat ... khāna ~ Pānīpat post office.

Panjāb. Lit. ‘five waters/rivers’.


pānzdah ~ 15.

bīst-o panj ~ 25 on this 25 rupee telegraph stamp impression. panj is 5, as seen in Panjāb (‘five rivers’).

parcha. Here, postcard.

pargana. An administrative sub-division for the collection of revenue. It’s head office is called tahsīl.

pās. In care of, attention, retained by, with, ...



dar shahr Peshāwar.

Phāgun ~ پهاگن ~ फागुन. Eleventh month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-February to mid-March.

phāgun. The marking below are the 3 dots of the p together with the h-upstroke for the -h.

11 phāgun.

2 māh phāgun [19]34 ~ 12 February 1878.

17 phāgun 1924 ~ 27 February 1868.

24 phāgun [19]34 ~ 6 March 1878.

Pinḍ Dādan Khān. A town outside the borders of Jammu-Kashmir in Panjāb, down-river from Jhelum City. A k- is used instead of a kh- here. A pinḍ is a village.

Pinḍ Dādan Khān.

dar Pinḍ Dādan Khān.

Pinḍ Dādan Khān.

lefāfe hundā dar Pinḍī Dādan Khān bar dūkan ... Letter prepaid to Pind Dadan Khan, c/o ...

Poh (or Pūs ~ پوس ~ पूस). Ninth month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-December to mid-January.

30 poh [19]49 ~ 11 January 1893.

23 poh [19]39 ~ 5 January 1883. This was arrival notation showing a 2a penalty charge for the absence of British postage. Compare the curled-loop final -h with the following form of the final:

7 māh poh 1945 ~ 20 December 1888.

-pura, -pur, -puram, etc., is ‘town’ Skt. Here, dar Banda-pura.

-pura in dar zila' Gurdarspura.

-pur in zila' Gurdarspur.

-pur. Here Kānpur ~ Cawnpore.

Punćhī (Poonch).


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