Glossary Part M

Māgh (or Māgha ~ ماگھہ ~ माघ). The tenth month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-January to mid-February. Often spelt māg.

māgh 1938 ~ 1882.

24 māh māgh 1926 ~ 4 February 1870. Cover corroborates.

māgh 1934 ~ January 1878. Cover corroborates.

12 māh māgh 1935 ~ 23 January 1879.

shahr 17 māgh 1933 ~ 28 January 1877.

shahr 29 māgh [19]34 ~ 9 February 1878, with cover corroboration.

az Jammun khāss 20 māgh 1945 ~ January 31, 1889.

māh. Persian for ‘month’. See also shahr.

Mahārājganj. The -ganj is a market.

Maghar (or Aghan ~ اگهن ~ अघन). The eighth month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-November to mid-December.

11 māh maghar 1934 ~ 24 November 1877.

5 maghar [19]23 ~ 18 November 1866.

mahsūl ~ tax, fee. The top two lines of the Persian in the New Rectangular stamps read, in stacking fashion, ḍāk mahsūl ~ postal tax, i.e., postage. The ḍāk crosses the name ‘Kashmīr’.

mahsūl ~ tax, fee, postage.

nā mahsūl ~ no postage.

mahsūl berang ~ postage ‘bearing’. It means that the fee was collected upon delivery.

mahsūl dād-e shud ~ postage paid.

makān ~ from ‘being’, ‘residing at’, etc. By extension, address, place, house, or station, etc. Compare Hebrew maqōm ~ place. See also maqām below.

az makān Jammūn ~ from the Jammu (postal) station.

maqām ~ residing at, address, station, resting or halting spot, etc.

az maqām Yārkand ~ from station at Yarkand, an oasis town and caravan junction in Chinese Turkestan, north of Ladākh across the Karakoram range in the Tarim basin.

Bāzār Mārwāṛī. A postal destination in Bombay.

Mīān Mīr. Often seen as Meean Meer on covers. Military cantonment of Lahore.

Mīān Mīr. The dot on the -n has gone flying. Compare preceding.

mohr ~ seal. This is taken as a detail from the Jammu square iron-mine obliterator.

mohr-e dāk jammūn ~ ‘seal (of the) post (of) Jammu.’

Muḥammad. Proper name. Right image Muhammad Shāh.

Muharram ~ محرّم . The first month of the Arabian lunar calendar. Persian transcription moharram.

24 māh moharram [12]91 H ~ 14 March 1874.

5 māh moharram [...] sāl 1284 ~ 9 May 1867.

27 moharram 1295 ~ 31 January 1878.

Multān ~ Mooltan, in the common English spelling of the day (though remember to place the stress on the last syllable).

dar Multān ~ to Mooltan.

Bombay, rendered in script as Bamba'ī or Bama'ī.

Munshī Bāgh ~ ‘Officers Park’ in the European Quarter of Srinagar, near the official British Residency for Kashmir. Bāgh ~ park, garden, is common in place-names; munshī ~ bureaucrat, officer, secretary.

Munshī Bāgh Srinagar.

Munshīāk Srīnagar is “official post Srinagar.”

Muzafarābād. In western Kashmir.

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