Glossary Part K

Kābul, Afghanistan.

lefāfe hunda dar shahr kābal ~ letter prepaid to the city of Kabul. From a cover originating at Srinagar July 1875.

Kānpur ~ Cawnpore. The nearest large city is Lucknow. Two spellings, with the final-n form and the internal-n.


lefāfe dar shahr kalkata ~ letter to the city of Calcutta.

kār ~ service. kār sarkār Jammūn ~ Government Service seal for Jammu Province in the form of a Staal-Sharma restrike. The same is repeated at top in Dogrī, with Jammu rendered Jamvū ~ ‘Jumboo’.


Karnaul. Near Amballa.

Kāshmīr (long-a) and Kashmīr (short-a).

Kashmīr, spelt with short-a. The three dots of the sh are shunted far to the left on account of the interferring -k of ḍāk ~ post. (The two ks are crossing one another). And there are no under-dots on the long-i.

Kaţrā. Originally a market-town or area belonging to a fort, is used to designate city districts. Here, Kaţrā Ahluwāliān Amritsar, known as a fabrics and textile area with a long-time commercial interest in cashmere and pushmina shawls. The post office there at one time operated from the upper floor of a house of a certain Dai Lal Chand (Staal p 21).

dar qasba(h) Amritsar Kaţra Ahluwala, where qasba(h) is ‘old town’, village, etc.

dar Kaţrā Ahluwāliā.

dar Kaţra Ahlūwālian.

Kaţrā Ahluwāliā(n).

Kaţrā Ahluwāliā. Another one? In full, dar shahr Amritsar Kaţrā Ahluwāliā.

Kaţrā Bāgh Singh.

Kaţrā Harī Singh. Another common postal destination in Amritsar.

dar shahr Amritsar Kaţrāharī Singh.

lefāfe hundā dar shahr Amritsar Kaţrāharī Singh. See lefāfe below.

dar Amritsar Kaţrāharī Singh.

Katik/Kārtik ~ كتك/كارتك ~ कातिक (kātik). Seventh month of the Hindu solar calendar, answering to mid-October to mid-November.

katik. Here, 20 māh katik ~ 4 November.

2 māh katik 1932 ~ 17 October 1875.

18 katik 33 ~ 1 November 1876.

2 katik [19]34 ~ 16 October 1877.

25 shahr katik 1929 az Jammūn ~ 9 November 1872 from Jammu.

Khān ~ Title and name. Second image contains same in dar Pinḍ Dādan Khān, showing an interesting ligatured version of the Khān.

Pinḍ Dādan Khān. A town outside the borders of Jammu-Kashmir in Punjab, down-river from Jhelum City. A k- is used instead of a kh- here.

āk khāna ~ post office.

. . . khāss ~ ‘special’, proper. The first is dar Jammūn khāss ~ to Jammu City. The second is the same for Nowshera.

dar Jammūn khāss ~ to Jammu City

az Jammūn khāss ~ from Jammu City.

khaţţ hundā ~ letter prepaid for delivery. The khaţţ and lefāfe are interchangeable in this context. The kha- formally has a dot on top.

khaţţ zarūrī ~ urgent letter.

Kishtwaṛ. A rare postal destination on the Batout-Padar line in northeast Jammu Province.

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