Glossary Part J

Rāj. State Power.


zila' Jalandar.

Jammūn ~ Jammu. The final-ū was nasalized, often represented by the final -n with or without dot. The dot is probably present in the second scan.

Jammūn. In full, dar Jammūn khāss ~ to Jammu City. The second example of the back-flourish on the final-n is a somewhat unusual variation.

Jammūn o Kashmīr, in the hand of the Maharaja Ranbir Singh in correspondence (signature under ‘Ranbir’). Jaiswal Collection.

az Jammūn khāss ~ from Jammu proper, i.e., Jammu City.

az makān Jammūn ~ from the Jammu (postal) station.

janāb. Title of respect; Sir. From ‘side’, as in addressing the ‘lofty side.’

Jasroţa, town in southern Jammu Province. Lettering from a registration seal.

javāb navishta shuda ~ جواب نوشته شده
Response (or letter) has been written.

12 safar javāb navishta shuda ~ On 12 safar the response (or letter) has been written.

javāb ţalab ~ request reply.

javāb ţalab zarūrī ~ request reply, urgent.

Jeţh ~ جيٿھہ ~ जेठ. The second month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-May to mid-June.

māh jeţh 1924 ~ May 1867, with cover corroboration.

2 māh jeţh 1933 ~ 13 May 1876. Caution: this word is easily confused for the month ćait when it appears in this sort of gestural style.

28 māh jeţh 1934 ~ 9 June 1877.

19 jeţh 1936 ~ 31 May 1879. This form is sometimes confused for ćait.

jeţh 19-?-37 ~ May 1880. It is unusual to see the retroflexion marked explicitly in the name of this month. It is even more unusual to see what looks like the 'īsvī or 'īsawī abbreviation, representing the hamza or 'ain (glottal stop) intruding into a samvat year. It usually represents sanh-e-'īsvī ~ anno domini of the Western calendar.

31 jeţh 1943 ~ 12 June 1886. Accompanied on right by 9 ramazān 1303 ~ 11 June 1886. (A Kashmir cds on the reverse of the cover showed 12 June).

17 jeţh 1947 ~ 29 May 1890.

zila' Jhelum.

Jumādī' ul-avval ~ جمادي الٲوّل. Fifth month of the Arabian lunar calendar. Also جمادى الاولى . Persian jomâdal’ulâ .

jumādī' ul-avval. The ul-avval means the first such month.

māh jumādi' ul-avval 1284 ~ from 31 August 1867.

5 shahr jumādī' ul-avval 1308 ~ 19 October 1890.

Jumādī' us-sāni ~ جمادي الٽانى . Sixth month of the Arabian lunar calendar. Also, جمادى الاخرى . Persian jomâdal’okhrâ.

18 jumādī' us-sānī 1284 ~ 17 October 1867. The os-sāni means ‘the second’ such.

16 jumādī' us-sānī [12]92 ~ 20 July 1875, with cover corroboration.

28 shahr jumādī' us-sānī 1294 ~ 10 July 1877. The pencilled-in notation on the scan is incorrect.

9 jūn and 15 jūn, June transcriptions from English, preceding jawaab notation.

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