Glossary Part H

Hār ~ haḍh ~ asāṛh ~ آساڙہ ~ आसाढ़. Third month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-June to mid-July.

22 māh hār 1935 ~ 4 July 1878.

30 māh hār 1937 ~ 11 July 1880.

māh hār 1929 ~ mid-June to mid-July 1872.

hawāla. A system of money exchange without the physical transfer of cash. Written on early javāb covers.


hundā ~ kind of contract, often for the transmission or exchange of goods. The hundī stamps are bills of exchange.

lefāfe hundā ~ letter prepaid for delivery.

khaţţ hundā ~ letter prepaid for delivery. As above, khaţţ and lefāfe being interchangeable in this context. The kha- should have a dot on top.

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