Glossary Part E

ek ānā ~ one anna. Notice the introductory alif in the Urdū. Were it absent (as on the stamps for example) one would be reading yek, as in Persian. Compare with the following:

Compare the yek here with the ek in the preceding entry. vazn yek tolah ~ weight one tola.

Since there is not much on this e-page, we might as well take the opportunity to make a few noises about izāfat here. A genitive particle -e- will not usually be rendered in the scripts as we find them on covers. A “shahr Amritsar” or “sher Panjāb” will be harboring a secret -e- between them: shahr-e-Amritsar and sher-e-Panjāb, city of Amritsar, lion of Punjab. When izāfat is visible, it is rendered in different ways depending on its environment. We hope to have examples here one day. From postal covers, that’s not so easy as it sounds.

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