Glossary Part D

dād-e shud ~ given, paid.

dah ‘rupya’ ~ ten rupees (from the telegraph stamp). The u is not long despite somewhat recalcitrant appearances.

āk ~ The Post. Image on the left is ḍāk khāna ~ post office.

mohr-eāk jammūn ~ ‘seal (of the) post (of) Jammu.’

ākţar. English doctor. The diacritics show that the d and t are adopted as retroflexed versions in Urdu (not Persian).

dar. Preposition. English equivalents may be ‘in’; ‘at'; ‘to'; etc. This word is very common on Jammu-Kashmir covers, often preceding the names of destinations.


do tolah ~ two tola. A dal-vav ligature is used here for the do. A tola is a measure of weight for such as gold, silver, letters, etc.

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