Glossary Part C

Ćait ~ چيت ~ चैत. The twelfth month of the Hindu solar calendar, answering to mid-March to mid-April.

ćait 1936. This month is very easily taken for jeţh and vice-versa. Sometimes there can be really no telling which is the correct reading.

ćahār ānā ~ four annas. Non-philatelic notation accompanying a 1a circular. Aside from philatelic misunderstanding about what denomination the stamps were, there is evidence of latitude in the native post office itself as to the value accorded a given one. Collection Jaiswal.


Cawnpore ~ Kānpur.


ćauk ~ “chowk”. چوك ~ चौक. Market-place, exchange depot, etc. Also the main square (the word is based on “four”) or main thoroughfare of a town. Cf. ‘runners chowki’ for a postal station.

We thought this was a ćauk, but the word seems to be spelt “ćaunk,” as is often the case on covers. Platts mentions the act of being put on the alert, which might indeed find philatelic use. This is really a question.

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