Glossary Part B

ba'd az vaqt ~ after time.

bāgh ~ large garden, from Persian. Common in city placenames. A small garden could be bageecha.

Munshī Bāgh or ‘Officers Park’ in the European Quarter of Srinagar, near the official British Residency for Kashmir.

Baghdād. Contrast the short-a here with the long-a in the preceding entries.

Baisākh ~ بيساكھہ ~ बैसाख : First month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-April to mid-May.

baisākh. Here 31 baisākh 1936 ~ 12 May 1879.

8 māh baisākh [19]28 ~ 19 April 1871, with cover corroboration.

11 māh baisākh 1933 ~ 21 April 1876. Year reading forced by cover from which this was taken.

22 baisākh 1929 ~ 2 May 1872.

26 māh baisākh [19]26 az srīnagar ~ 6 May 1869.

The bālā that occupies the rivet positions at the top of the 1a and 2a New Rectangular sheets means just that: ‘top’ of sheet.

Bandipur. Here, dar (to) Banda-pura. The -pur, -pura, -puram, -pore, etc., is ‘town’ Skt.

bar dūkān ~ بردوكان ~ ‘c/o shop, business, company, ...’

bar dūkān. The modern Persian for ‘shop’ is dokkān, i.e., no vav and k doubled. Arabic has the doubled-k but no vav. Urdu is as shown. The dal-vav ligature that looks like Greek beta also means do ~ ‘two’ when it is independent.

Some more of them, and...

...yet a couple more, oddly rendered.

bar shud ~ paid, received.

bārah ānā 12 ~ twelve annas. Urdū, not Persian. Upper section same in Dogrī. The bārah is a development from Sanskrit via Prākrit: dvā-dašan > vāraha. Cf. Gk. dodeka.

Barilī ~ Barelī. Bareilly, headquarters of the British Military District (2nd class) of Rohil Khand (east of Delhi).


Bāzār Mārwāṛī. A postal destination in Bombay.

Attock bazaar.

Bhadarwah (in eastern Jammu).

Bhādon ~ بهادون ~ भादो (bhādo). The fifth month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-August to mid-September.

bhādron. Year 1938 ~ 1881.

2 bhādon 1941 ~ 16 August 1884. Variously spelt on account of Hindu version bhād(r)om.

27 bhādon 1924 ~ 10 September 1867.

4 bhādron 1931 ~ 18 August 1874.

5 māh bhādon 33 ~ 19 August 1876.

14 shahr bhādon [...19]34 Jammūn ~ 28 August 1877.

28 bhādron [...] 1934 ~ 11 September 1877.

10 pādo ~ 24 August 18[88], with Leh cover corroboration. Maybe there is avoidence of voiced aspirates up in those parts?

Benares ~ Varanasi.

bhā'ī ~ brother, ‘and co.’, etc., often seen in commercial addresses.

Bombay. بمبئي ~ bamba‘ ī, बमबई. Also bama‘ ī

bōst māster ~ postmaster.

bīst-o panj ~ 25 on this 25 rupee telegraph stamp impression. panj is 5, as seen in Panjāb (‘five waters/rivers’).

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