Checklist: New Rectangulars

Text: From The Stamps of Jammu and Kashmir by D.P. Masson, pp 34-38.

The differing colours [i.e., blues versus reds] were meant for the two Provinces; but the higher values were soon used indiscriminately, and in 1879 the red prevailed for both Provinces. The stamps on ordinary laid and ordinary wove were, as a rule, used first. The red stamps are all printed in oil-colour, the others in fugitive colours.

½aslateordinary laid
½aslate-violet (shade)ordinary laid
½aslate-violet (perf)ordinary laid
1alilacordinary laid
1amauve (shade)ordinary laid
2avioletordinary laid
2amauve (shade)ordinary laid
2aviolet blue (shade)ordinary laid
2adull blue (shade)ordinary laid
2adark blue (shade)ordinary laid
½ablack (service)stout laid
1ablack (service)stout laid
2ablack (service)stout laid
4ablack (service)stout laid
8ablack (service)stout laid
¼aultramarine (1880)laid bâtonné
¼aredordinary laid
½aredordinary laid
½ared (perf)ordinary laid
1aredordinary laid
1ared (perf)ordinary laid
2aredordinary laid
2ared (perf)ordinary laid
4aredordinary laid
8a ?redordinary laid
1aredthick laid
½aredordinary wove
1aredordinary wove
2aredordinary wove
½aredvery thick wove
1aredvery thick wove
2aredvery thick wove
¼aredthin wove
½aredthin wove
1aredthin wove
2aredthin wove
4aredthin wove
8aredthin wove
¼aoranges (1881)thin wove
½aoranges (1881)thin wove
1aoranges (1881)thin wove
2aoranges (1881)thin wove
4aoranges (1881)thin wove
8aoranges (1881)thin wove

Some of the preceding were cut vertically and laterally (but not diagonally, so far as is known) and used for stamps of half their face value. The ½a is known cut diagonally and used for the ¼a stamp in the next period. Probably other denominations, and even the issues on thin laid paper, were similarly used. [For the stamps of the 1883-94 period] the thin wove papers are white to yellowish for all except the 2a stamp; the 2a was printed on yellow, yellow-green, and deep green tinted paper.

¼ablack (service)thin wove
½ablack (service)thin wove
1ablack (service)thin wove
2ablack (service)thin wove
4ablack (service)thin wove
8ablack (service)thin wove
⅛ayellowthin wove
⅛ayellow brown (shade)thin wove
¼abrownthin wove
¼asepia (shades)thin wove
¼apale brown (shades)thin wove
¼abronze green (error)thin wove
½adull blue (non-postal)thin wove
½abright blue (non-postal)thin wove
½aredthin wove
½arose (shades)thin wove
½aorange (shades)thin wove
½aorange-red (shades)thin wove
½abistre (error)thin wove
1agreenthin wove
1agreenish-grey (shades)thin wove
1abronze-green (shades)thin wove
1adull green (shades)thin wove
1ablue green (shades)thin wove
1abright green (shades)thin wove
2aredyellow green thin wove
2areddeep green thin wove
2aredyellow thin wove
4agreenthin wove
4adeep green (shades)thin wove
4apale green (shades)thin wove
4asage green (shades)thin wove
8abluethin wove
8ablack blue (shades)thin wove
8abright blue (shades)thin wove
8apale blue (shades)thin wove
¼a (non-postal)blackthin wove
¼a (non-postal)blackthin laid
¼a (non-postal)vermilionthin wove
¼a (non-postal)vermilionthin laid
¼avermilionnative-made stout laid
½ared (non-postal)native-made stout laid
⅛ayellowthin laid
¼abrownthin laid
½avermilionthin laid
½aorange redthin laid
1agreenthin laid
4agreen [non-existent]thin laid
8abluethin laid
¼ablack (service)thin laid
½ablack (service)thin laid
1ablack (service)thin laid
2ablack (service)thin laid
4ablack (service)thin laid
8ablack (service)thin laid
¼abrown [addendum in book]stout laid
4agreen [addendum in book]stout laid

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