Description of the Plates

The Stamps of Jammu and Kashmir Part II by D.P. Masson, pp 39-41.


A scan of the ¼a “unissued” plate. With thanks to Phil Lunn for the image.

Plate VIII: The “missing plate” or official forgery plate of 8a stamps. Below shows one of these stamps “used,” followed by forgeries of the denominations ½a to 8a New Rectangulars, printed from single dies.

Plate IX: The left-hand stamp is the ½a forgery that was postally used in December 1889. The centre stamp is its successor, which was frequently used undetected from January 1890 to February 1891. The right-hand is a 1a forgery (by the same hand?) for which the forger was convicted. The lower half of the plate shows the State postcard.

Plate X: Postmarks, mostly of the Srinagar Province.

Plate XI: Postmarks, mostly of the Jammu Province. Example 7 is, however, the large Srinagar seal, not understood as such by Masson and others until relatively recently.

The End

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