Online Masson 1900 and 1901

The Stamps of Jammu and Kashmir appeared in two volumes (details below). The 1900 volume treats the stamps of the Old Period, together with an account of later reprints and forgeries of that material. The second volume of 1901 updates the first volume and proceeds with the New Rectangulars. An Appendix to the first volume by Capt. Godfrey concerns the earlier postal history as recorded in Persian by the first Postmaster of Kashmir.

Contents Volume I
  §2Obliterations of the Early Period
  §3Circular Stamps; First Issue
  §4Old Rectangulars of Jammu
  §5Old Rectangulars of Kashmir
  §6Jammu Circular Re-Issues
  §7Three Hoary-headed Impostors
  §8Missing Die Forgeries
  §9A Service Stamp
  §11A New Stamp
  §12Paper Types
  §AChecklist 1866-78
  §BGodfrey PJI Article

Contents Volume II
§1Transitional Period Oilcolors
§2The New Rectangulars
§3Stamps Catalogued as of 1878
§3'Stamps Catalogued as of 1879
§4Rectangulars of 1883-94
§5Service Stamps
§6Missing Dies and Forgeries
§8Postmarks of Kashmir Province
§8'Postmarks of Jammu Province
§9Shading & Plating
§CNew Rectangulars Checklist
§DDescription of the Plates

Note: Masson’s “1 anna” circular has long been understood to be 4 annas (= ¼ rupee) and vice versa. The interchange has been made throughout the text without comment, but where for reasons the interchange has not been made, notice is given. Masson’s term “originals” means ‘on cover’. And “superfluous” issues refers to what are usually known as the Special Printings of 1874-76.

Volume I was published by the Philatelic Society of India, Calcutta, Vol. IV (1900). 47 pp plus six b/w plates protected by glassine interleaving. Four full-page samples of native paper are included. Printed for the Society by B.L. Chakravarti, at the New School Book Press.

Volume II was published by the Philatelic Society of India, Calcutta, Vol. V (1901). 41 pp plus eleven b/w plates protected by glassine interleaving. Civil and Military Gazette Press, printers to the Punjab Government, Lahore. Original price of both volumes was 4 rupees or 5 shillings.

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