Some short-u diacritics: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .
Some long-u diacritics: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .

Dogri uses a variety of under-marking gestures for the -u, theoretically a single stroke for the short-u and a double stroke for the long, if we are lucky to get any marking at all. Often a formal nagari form is used, as on the second scan below:

masūl bākī ~ postage due. The sa has taken a double-stroked diacritic at the bottom to give .

“Jambu,” with the nagari-style long-u diacritic in the element.

Long-ū or short-u. Also -i and -o.


asū 29 ~ October 13. Hybrid rendering, with the in Punjabi form. The diacritic below marks the long-u.

And again as a diacritic under the m-version instead.

And yet another, in the red at the top.

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