Some sa comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .
Some śa comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .

sa. Variably as ṣa, śa, sha.

asū. Compare next:

asū 29 ~ October 13. Hybrid rendering, with the in Punjabi form. The diacritic below marks the long-u.

The second element is an example of the sa as sha, in Hoshārpor.

Sambhar Lake.

kaśmīr. Hybrid production. Dogri, except that the śa, ra, and the ligatured way of the long-i are nagari forms. Compare next:

kaśmīr. The Dogri in the blue highlighting at the upper-right is in purer form than that appearing in the previous example.

jammu khāss ~ Jammu ‘proper’, thus Jammu City, with nagari form jammu khāś for comparison.

Sāvan ~ सावन ~ ساون . Fourth month of the Hindu solar calendar corresponding to mid-July to mid-August. Also appearing in the literature are such as sāwan, srāwan, shrāvana, saunak, etc.

sāvan 18 ~ 31 July (1888). The Srinagar Circle in purple? Image taken from internet.

sāvan 32. See next, a detail from the same cover:

māh sāvan 32 ~ August 14.

Seri. Not mentioned in Séfi & Moritimer’s post office listing.


Syālkoţ. This marking shows part of the extraterritorial native duplex (with the obliterator portion not visible). The samvat month is baisākh.

Singh. Surname.

Singh. Examples in Kaţrā Hari Singh.

Qila Dīdār Singh. A town southwest of Gujrānwāla in Punjab.

Skardu. A Staal-Sharma restrike of the native duplex.




srī Amritsar-jī.


masūl bākī (or vākī) ~ postage due. The s has taken a double-stroked diacritic at the bottom to indicate the long-u. A single stroke would be the short -u.

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