Some ra comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .

ra. Some forms are confusable with ka:

kaśmīr. Hybrid production. Dogri, except that the śa, ra, and the ligatured way of the long-i are nagari forms. Compare next:

kaśmīr. The Dogri in the blue highlighting at the upper-right is in purer form than is seen in the preceding.

Skardu. Example of the ka and ra together.

rajisţarī ~ registered.


rajisţarī ~ registration, from English. The second line is lambar ~ number, from English. The third line is tolā, the letter weight. The last line is (here) unidentified. If a t could it be for tarīkh, date? On other types the space was used for a seal or a signature.

Rām Dās. A name. Long vowels not indicated in the script here.

ri. A ligature.

riyāsat jambū va kaśmīr tivat hā ~ State of Jammu & Kashmir & [Little] Tibet, etc. (From receipt stamp.)

ek rupaiye ~ one rupee in nagari and dogri scripts, plus merchant symbol on right.

ek rupaiye ~ one rupee. Same in Urdu at bottom. A study in diacritics: Notice the short-u diacritic under the ru-, the double bar over the -pai- and the single bar over the ye.

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