The Dogri -o is marked by a hat (ˆ) placed atop an element, the ā by the v-mark. Here, posţkārḍ. A transcription into Dogri elements from English.

-o in isolated form. More often -i or -u, long or short.

bhādro 23 ~ 7 September from the Srinagar Circle.

bhādo 18 ~ 1 September on the early version of the Jammu Circle.

kalamro ~ realm or dominion.

poh. This is a Staal-Sharma restrike of the postmark of the Manovar (Manawar) post office, dated 20 poh, with the 20 upside-down at the top.

Syālkoţ. This marking shows part of the extraterritorial native duplex (with the obliterator portion not visible). The samvat month is baisākh.

As above with bhādo 15 ~ August 29.

tolā. A unit of weight, used for gold, letters, etc. The circumflex over the first element means -o and the v-mark is -ā.

Jasroţa, east of Jammu.

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