Some na comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .


A final form -an or -un. See next two scan for examples:

māh phāgan 12, with cover corroboration.

māh sāvan 32 ~ August 14, with cover corroboration.

sāvan 18.

Manāvar, Manāwar. This item is a Staal-Sharma restrike of the postmark of the Manovar post office. It is dated 20 poh, with the 20 upside-down at the top.

tīn ānā ~ three annas. Notice the different treatments of the final -n of tīn in the Dogri in this entry and the next. Here, the long-i and -n are rendered explicitly.

tīn rūpaiye ~ three rupees. The -i- and final -n of tīn are rendered by diacritics, evidently to make room for the denomination. The lower section reads the same in Urdu, not Persian.

ek ānā ~ one anna, from the fiscal receipt stamp with “unit” symbol at right in merchant symbol.


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