Some ma comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .

ma, the latter māh ~ माह ~ month.

Manāvar, Manāwar. This item is a Staal-Sharma restrike of the postmark of the Manovar post office. It is dated 20 poh, with the 20 upside-down at the top.

Marwarī bāzār, a postal depot in Bombay.

masūl bākī ~ postage due. Dogri prefers b to v. This is the Srinagar seal; another like it exists for Sialkot.

As above in postal use on a 1a official. Detail KB371 Blue Sale.

Maghar (or Aghan ~ अघन ~ اگهن). The eighth month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-November to mid-December. Also अगहन ~ ag·han, and such others in the literature as aghrahāyana, magghar, mangsir, etc.

3 maghar and 5 magar in different spellings.


maghar 2 ~ 15 November.

1944 maghar ~ November 1887.

maghar 2 ~ November 15 on the Sialkot duplex, for Jammu State.

Māgh (or Māgha ~ माघ ~ ماگھہ). The tenth month of the Hindu solar calendar answering to mid-January to mid-February. Compare माघ with माग ~ māg, as seen on the datestamps. Also seen in the literature are margsheersh, mārgśīrṣ, etc.

māg 16 ~ January 27.

māg 21 ~ February 1.

māg 3 ~ January 13 [1893], Basohli. In contrast to the preceding two examples, the long-a is rendered here nagari-style.

māh māgha 29 1947 ~ 9 February 1891, with cover corroboration.

The leading elements in the manuscript at the top, the receiving notation, reads mah ćait 1946, which started on 12 March 1890. We have comfort from the British datestamp, 9 MAR 90, the despatch date at Srinagar.

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