Some la comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .



Ladākh, maghar.

Lower line: lagā-hu'a ~ attached, thus “stamped.” We cannot read the upper line here, the ţa + ka + (pa or 5?) Elsewhere in this place we have simply ţikaţ ~ stamp.

As above, but with the final glottal '-a of lagā-hu'a brought down to the third line. We also do not understand the bottom line (numbers?)

Lalla is an address-form, Mr., Master, etc.

Lalla Javan Mal-ji.

Lalla Patram.

srī lalla Dās srī lalla Sain. Compare Staal p 174 and next entry.

srī lalla Dās srī lalla Sain Dās.

lambar. Transcription of ‘number’ from English. The dot is the 'm' here. Taken from a Staal-Sharma restrike of a Jammu registration seal.


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