Some ka comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .



kākal ~ urgent. It often appears in the top line of covers. It is also found within the Bhadarwah 2-ring postmark, Séfi Type SM84.

॥74॥ kākal ~ letter with warning symbol 74.

kākal zarūrī ~ letter urgent, in Dogri, Persian, and (by some reports) Shastri in nagari script. The Dogri script element ja serves for za, and that is formally indicated by underdotting.

kalamro ~ realm or dominion. Persian qalamrao or qalamrav. A variant v-ending occurs on the 8as New Rectangular, detail right.

kampar’ ~ Cawnpore. An n before a bilabial is often rendered m, as it naturally becomes so in speech.


kār sarkār/Jambū ~ Government Service seal in the form of a Staal-Sharma restrike. Same in Persian (read instead Jammūn) bottom line.

kaśmīr in the blue highlighting. Contrast with following two entries, which exhibit hybrid spelling using elements from the nāgarī system.


Katik/Kārtik ~ कातिक ~ كتك/كارتك . Seventh month of the Hindu solar calendar, answering to mid-October to mid-November. The literature sees such others as katak, kartik, kāttik, kārtik, krttika, etc.

kātik 23 ~ November 6.

17 kātik [1943] ~ 1 November 1886. The day numeral has both numerals of 17 inserted into the implement upside down.

kātik 22 on the Srinagar Circle, accompanied by what is probably the 9-bar-9 obliterator of Srinagar. Here, the month seemingly rendered like ćetak.

20 kātik [19]43 ~ 4 November 1886. The month is written upside down relative to the day numeral on a variant of the Jammu Circle. Again, formally like ćetak.


1935 katak ~ October 1878.

1945 katak ~ October 1888.

Kaţrā Ahluwālian. Postal destination in Amritsar.

Kaţrā Ahluwālian.

Kaţrā Ahluwālian.

Kaţrā Ahluwālian.

Kaţrā ‘Aluvala’.

Kaţrā Hari Singh.

Kaţrā Hari Singh.

Kaţrā with the ka and ţa in ligature.

And here is the ţa and ka in ligature the other way: ţikaţ lagā-hu'a ~ stamp attached ~ stamped.

Kaţhuā ~ कठुआ. māgh 1 ~ 12 January [1893].

Krohin. The date may be 25 har ~ 7 July 1891, with some corroboration from the U in JU(ly).

Some kha comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .



jammu khāss ~ Jammu ‘proper’, thus Jammu City, with nagari form jammu khāś for comparison.

baisākh 31 ~ May 11.

Pinḍ Dādan Khān. A pinḍ is a village.

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