Some 'e comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .

Glottal stop. The diacritic mark for -e is rendered with a stroke above a syllable element in the three scripts we are comparing. In Dogri, the corresponding diacritic can be a horizontal bar written above the element, and the -ai is two horizontal bars, but usually such niceties are absent.

ek ānā ~ one anna, from the fiscal receipt stamp. Note the “unit” symbol at the right.

ek rupaiye ~ one rupee. There is a double bar over the -pai- and a single bar over the ye.

tīn rupaiye ~ three rupees. Another, more clearly.

ek ānā ~ one anna. The Urdu ek is at the bottom, showing the inclusion of the initial alef hamza, in contrast with the Persian yek seen in the next scan, in the yellow:

The red bit is ek, the blue ana, for 1 anna. The yellow is Persian yek, where the two dots under the initial tooth signify y-, thus revealing the difference in pronunciation.

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