Some da comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .

Dīdār. As in Qila Dīdār Singh, southwest of Gujrānwāla.

Pind Dadan Khan.

bhādro 23 ~ 7 September from the Srinagar Circle.


The Ladākh duplex. The other Dogri on this marking is the month maghar.

Skardu. There is a u-diacritic under the final da-element. A Staal-Sharma restrike of the native duplex.

Rām Dās. A common name. Long vowels not indicated in the script here.


Some ḍa comparative forms: Dev. , Gur. , Guj. .

ḍak jamu ~ Jammu post. In the green and the red at the top.

a, retroflexed, transcribed with underdotting.

haḍ 22 ~ July 4.

ḍ 20 ~ July 2.

posţkārḍ. A transcription into Dogri elements from English. Vowels o marked by caret and ā by the v-mark.

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